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Earn your associate of arts degree online

You will earn the same diploma as our on-campus students
This program provides the first two years of a traditional college education leading toward such professions as law, teching at all levels through college, journalism, psychology, international affairs; translation, political science, and many more that require a working knowledge of a modern language as well as a strong academic background. By following a rigorous Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum, graduates will have developed capabilities in academic research and writing, the ability to apply scientific method and critical thinking skills to validate their own ideas and inquiries, sufficient math skills to deal with complex problems, and an awareness and appreciation of living in a culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse society. The Humanities, Social Sciences, and Liberal Arts and Sciences electives allow students to focus their curriculum toward a specific goal or to explore a variety of disciplines.
What's an associate degree?
An associate degree usually takes two years of study and prepares students for employment or transfer to a bachelor’s program at a four-year university.
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    Let's put your mind at ease about online learning
  • 100% Online
    This program is presented 100% online. You will not be expected to attend any classes on campus.
  • Classes on your schedule
    Courses are semester based and classwork can be completed around your work and family commitments. There is no set time where you are required to log in to attend class.
  • Same faculty as on-campus
    The faculty that teach online classes are the same faculty that students learn from on-campus.
  • Personal concierge
    You will have one person who acts as a single point of contact for any and all questions you may have.
  • Credit for prior knowledge
    Get college credit for experience that you have already gained at school or in the workforce.
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