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The behavioral sciences relate to the criminal justice system in many ways—understanding responses to criminal victimization, preventing or reducing crime, examining how the criminal justice system interacts with people who have mental illnesses, and exploring how human perceptual processes may influence forensic evidence analysis. These are only a few of the topics addressed in Behavioral Forensics courses. This advanced certificate program was developed to advance understanding of human behavior in forensic contexts and is intended to enhance employment options in criminal justice and mental health professions..

What you will study:

Our program provides students the opportunity to tailor their learning experience depending on area of interest and career goals. In this 15-credit, 100% online program, students can learn about behavioral science applications to the criminal justice system. Students will apply knowledge from their elective courses to a 3-credit internship that aligns with their career goals in mental health counseling, human services, law enforcement, corrections, probation, or law.

What's a advanced certificate?
Advanced, or graduate, certificates are designed to provide focused study to support a particular career interest. They vary in number of credits and typically require students to have a bachelor’s degree.
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