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Human Services

Associate of Science

Suffolk County Community College

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You will earn the same diploma as our on-campus students

This curriculum provides opportunities for students seeking transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in social work, counseling or human services as well as for students seeking employment in human services upon graduation. Human services is a broadly defined, multidimensional helping profession that assists individuals, families and groups to meet challenges in their ability to cope during life transitions, crisis, and when under stress. Human service professionals are employed in a variety of fields including mental health, health, developmental disabilities, child welfare, corrections, services to youth, the elderly and to those who are homeless or poverty stricken. It is an eclectic field requiring a strong liberal arts background with an emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences as well as courses providing a foundation in the history, methods, theory and helping skills of the human service profession. Courses include a two semester practicum providing students a supervised fieldwork experience in a local human service agency. Students complete 140 field hours in HUS201 and 180 field hours in HUS211. Some sites require a criminal background check and/or additional health requirements which must be met at the student’s expense.

What's an associate degree?
An associate degree usually takes two years of study and prepares students for employment or transfer to a bachelor’s program at a four-year university.
You will need to spend some time on campus to earn this degree
This degree will require you to spend some time on-campus at Suffolk County Community College for some classes or seminars. However, the rest of your classes may be completed online. You may see this referred to as a "Hybrid Degree".
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  • Learn by doing
    Participate in field experiences such as internships, clinical placements, and service learning to apply your academic knowledge in the world.
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